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Applehorn Cider​ øko48_75p

​Even when you own a brewery, it is on some occasions.. ok to drink something other than beer.

Even when you own a brewery, it is perfectly acceptable to drink something other than beer on some occasions. Here at the brewery we admit that the classic cider - as it has been produced in the region of Brittany and in England - is a cider type we enjoy a great deal. It is cider with character - especially the types with good acidity and proper sweetness, a taste like good sour Danish apples. It is VERY far from the synthetic ciders, which have become popular in recent years. We have made our own variant. We have been generous on the raw materials and the result has been a strong cider with 8,5% alcohol - a little less than a light white wine. Enjoy it chilled at 6-8 degrees. Drink it on occasions when you could have chosen a white wine, as a welcome drink or as a compliment to light dishes or soup.


Vol: 8,5%







​Excellent with

​Anything that works well with whitewine

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