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Dame Blanche øko48_75p

​The white lady - here she, in her room at Selsø Castle facing the moat. She stabbed her sleeping husband in the bed that still stands in the room. In despair she tries to hide his misdåd, pushing the body out of the window into the murky water. She is struggling with the heavy body and he slips from her. She gets picked him up and put out the window. She is scared and unhappy back. Looking frightened man's bloody nightshirt has allocated a large blood stain on the floor. She does what she can to wash it off, but it is impossible. The penalty for murder was the scaffold - even if it were permissible, so she decides to follow her husband and pringer the night even in the grave. Some say the night heard the splash and her ghost is seen standing concern in the room and clench his hands. " Such is the dramatic tale of the white lady on Selsø. See more at This noble lady gave its name to our classic Trippel. It is the beer drinking to fish and poultry, asparagus and seafood. It is a light beer in spite of its 8.7%, well carbonated and of a dressed, white foam.


Vol: 8,7%

Ibu: 40,79

Ebc: 11







Welcome drink


Fish and shellfish


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Hornsherredvej 463
4070 Kirke Hyllinge
CVR: 31422000

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