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Dark Wheat øko48_75p

Is an organic, dark wheat beer. Dark Wheat has drawn inspiration from the classic south German “Hefe Dunkelweisse” The colour is deep and dark and the crown is beige. Dark Wheat is brewed with a carefully chosen German wheat beer yeast. Enjoy Dark Wheat chilled, whether you want to pour it “German style” is up to you. -The Germans almost empties the bottle and then pours the last of the lee with contains leftover yeast on top of the crown of the beer. Dark Wheat is an excellent lunch beer. Dark Wheat is brewed in accordance with organic principles – a natural way to go for the brewery Hornbeer who already have taken many initiatives to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions in the brewing of its quality beers.

The painting on the label is the crow who patiently waits at every brew day for the brewer to drop some mash, leftover from the brew. The Rest of the Mash is fed to the cows on the field​.


Vol: 5,2%

Ibu: 10,70

Ebc: 41,2



Roasted grain

Best with



Hot dishes


​Hornsherredvej 463

4070 Kirke Hyllinge

Phone.: +45 4031 1580

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Hornsherredvej 463
4070 Kirke Hyllinge
CVR: 31422000

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