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A tart beer at 10 per cent. with cherry With Helge, we wanted to brew a dessertbeer that can be enjoyed in situations where criminals might choose a dessert - one port or sherry. Helge is of type barley wine. Barley Wine is an English type of beer that occurred when Napoleon prevented the English in importing wine. So was good advice expensive when wealthy Englishmen had to find a replacement for the wine that they had become accustomed. So found resourceful brewers to brew a really strong beer and without too much hops. Barley Wine or bygvin, literally. Napoleon showed up at Waterloo, so the English could again get wine. Then barley wine forgotten until US micro-brewers "reinvented" beer type. Helge is our take on a barley wine with fruit. It has acidity of the berries, and it is sweet from the malt. The color is reddish. We have brewed it in pilsner malt, munich malt, cholademalt, cherries, orange peel and hops. Drink it chilled and preferably of wine glasses on a stalk. So it will be really nice.


Vol: 10%

Ibu: 8,15

Ebc: 26,9


Sour fruit




Silver, australian international

Beer awards 2013

1st, nordjyske 2011

Best with


Danish rice pudding


​Hornsherredvej 463

4070 Kirke Hyllinge

Phone.: +45 4031 1580

E-mail: or

directly to the brewer's wife

CVR: 31422000​

Hornsherredvej 463
4070 Kirke Hyllinge
CVR: 31422000

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