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Økologisk Jul (Organic Christmas Beer) øko48_75p

Økologisk Jul (Organic Christmas Beer) is a bock beer, ie, a bottom-fermented beer with caramel flavor and sweetnessfrom Munich Malt. We have seasoned beer is quite easy with orange peel. Christmas beer is one of the very best traditions of Christmas. Right from the time of Harald Bluetooth, Santa has beer been shrouded with respect and devotion. Christmas beer has alwaysbeen the strong kind, yes, godtøl.

Organic Christmas Beer fits perfectly with the traditional Christmas party.We have chosen to brew beer, so it has not been too strong. It is at the low end among Christmas beers - but in spite of it, so there are plenty of flavor. 5,8%ABV


Vol: 5,7%

Ibu: 20,5

Ebc: 33,3






Best with

All the good Christmas food


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4070 Kirke Hyllinge

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Hornsherredvej 463
4070 Kirke Hyllinge
CVR: 31422000

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