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Red Cow øko48_75p

An Organic Brown Ale from Hornbeer. Brown Ale is the classic English pub ale. A top-fermented beer with a taste of chocolate malt and caramel malt. And why the crazy name? Hornbeer is a farmhouse brewery located in the beautiful Hornsherred, and at a short distance from the brewery, are the finest organic red cows grassing. We wanted to spare you the trouble of pronouncing the Danish name “Den Røde Ko”, but maybe a few Red Cows could help with that? Enjoy Hornbeer “The Red Cow” for a good lunch with nice people. Brown Ale is the beer for the not too spicy food. Try it to pheasant, deer or for a good stew.


Vol: 5,6%

Ibu: 22,41

Ebc: 42,9



Roasted malt

Best with

Wild dishes



​Hornsherredvej 463

4070 Kirke Hyllinge

Phone.: +45 4031 1580

E-mail: or

directly to the brewer's wife

CVR: 31422000​

Hornsherredvej 463
4070 Kirke Hyllinge
CVR: 31422000

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