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​Hornbeer Saison is inspired by the Belgian beer variety „Saison“, which originates from the French-speaking area of Wallonia in Belgium. In Belgium, this beer is called „Biere de Saison“ (beer of the season), and is brewed mostly in the provinces of Hainaut and Namur, which are close to the French border.

In those days, beer was brewed during the late winter months, since the beer was to be ready for consumption in the summer months, when it was difficult to brew because of the heat. Since the beer would be consumed in the summer months, it needed to be thirst-quenching – in other words, light in colour, lightly spiced and very dry. Hornbeer Saison is brewed using unmalted wheat from the brewery’s own farm. The beer is lightly spiced with coriander and juniper berries, and is bottle-conditioned, exactly as Biere de Saison is made in Belgium. This brewing method ensures a high degree of carbonation and an attractive, stable foam. Hornbeer Saison is our contribution to the beer style which has been dubbed „New Nordic Beer“. The beer should be carefully poured into an inclined glass without emptying the bottle completely, thereby leaving the residues in the bottle. Hornbeer Saison is unfiltered and unpasteurized. 5,6 % ABV


Vol: 5,6%

Ibu: 30,34

Ebc: 6,8






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