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YTR - is the imperative form of the word speak in Danish. And never has itbeen easier, than now, where we have the "social" media. People sit behind the PC screen, and have the opportunity to express themselves on anything and everything. No subject goes unscathed. It's amazing how much is wrong. Those who take the time to influence- politicians and others - makes horrible mistakes almost always. The language of the "social" media is peppered with profanity, which many a child previously would have been put to bed for saying. One can think about why otherwise peaceful people would becomeso angry? Is the of freedom of speech translated to duty to speech? We do not know the answer. The beer YTR is a Belgian strong ale. YTR is really nice in companion to the "old" Danish food, but also a good beer together with cheese. 8.5%ABV


Vol: 8,5%

Ibu: 30,6

Ebc: 37,3




Best with

Heavy dishes

Roast and gravy

cheese table


​Hornsherredvej 463

4070 Kirke Hyllinge

Phone.: +45 4031 1580

E-mail: or

directly to the brewer's wife

CVR: 31422000​

Hornsherredvej 463
4070 Kirke Hyllinge
CVR: 31422000

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