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Charlies Cool Porter øko48_75p

Charlie Cool Porter is an organic porter at 5.9%

Charlies Cool Porter is an organic porter at 5.9% ABV. Porter takes its name from the politically incorrect tradition that took place in the English ports in olden days. The harbour workers, the porters, had a beer or two in the morning before they had to start the hard work in the harbour. Charlie Chaplin was also politically incorrect in the thirties as were the brave Frenchmen, who established the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in the seventies. They made a lot of fun of self-importance, with institutions, religions as well as with those in power. No one escaped satire and there was an equal split out to the right and left. But it came to a tragic end by a cowardly attack which cost 17 people their lives. The consequence of this must not be that there is less room for satire and making fun of fools and rulers. Try this beer to heavy stews.

Beer type



Vol: 5,9%

Ibu: 35

Ebc: 58




Roasted malt

Slightly hoppy


'The years beernews 2015'





Chocolate desserts

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