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Organic beers

Applehorn Cider oeko48_75p_933

 A flavour much like good sour Danish apples

Blonde oeko48_75p_933

Brewed from barleymalt, hops, yeast and spices.

Charlies Cool Porter oeko48_75p_933

Organic porter at 5.9%

Czech Cat oeko48_75p_933

Flavors of roasted malt, caramel malt and good hops

Godt øl oeko48_75p_933

An organic pilsner

Hornbock oeko48_75p_933

Hornbock goes very well with the Danish lunch buffet

Kong Hans oeko48_75p_933

A type of German lager beer originating in Franconia

Red Cow oeko48_75p_933

​An Organic Brown Ale from Hornbeer

Summer oeko48_75p_933

Summer is our tribute to the Danish summer

Weissbier oeko48_75p_933

Our version of the famous southern German weissbier

Økologisk Frokost 2,5% oeko48_75p_933

Brewed with lots of quality Munichmalt and Caramel

Økologisk Jul oeko48_75p_933

Beer with caramel flavor and sweetness

Økologisk Pale Ale oeko48_75p_933

​Hornbeers Organic Pale Ale is the third shot on the stem of our Good Beer series

Økologisk Classic oeko48_75p_933

All the malt and hops in this beer are organic

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