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Godt Øl øko48_75p

Godt Øl is a pilsner

An organic pilsner. If you like the pure taste of Pilsner, as it was made in the “olden days”, then this is the beer for you. Godt Øl is unfiltered and unpasteurized, leaving more flavor in the beer and it is matured in the tank for several weeks before bottling. Godt Øl is brewed with organic Pilsner malt from the local fields on Sjælland. Using local malt reduces transportation requirements, good for the environment and possibly more important than ecology when looking at the bigger picture. This is often “forgotten” when marketing departments take over and talk about the product’s ecological excellence – despite ingredients being transported from afar - the consumer can have a good conscience because the product is “organic”. Your daily behavior in relation to your own energy consumption, what you eat and how you live can have a much bigger impact but there will of course be a cost. Maybe the holiday trip South or East? The size of the salad bowl and no beef steak? But this would be a move in the right direction. When we brew Godt Øl, we use a lot of barley malt and after using the best of the crushed barley kernels for our beer, what is left behind is a biproduct called mash. This mash is used as part of the stable diet for some local organic pigs - they love it! Grunting and squealing as they noisily chomp their way through their daily portion - pleased that we are enjoying Godt Øl.


Vol: 4,6%

Ibu: 18

Ebc: 8


​Som frisk tjekkisk pilsner

og som den pilsner Brygger Jacobsen bryggede for mange, mange år siden


Bedste imperial porter

Gøteborg Porterfestival,

Nr. 2 'Årets Ølnyhed 2009'


​Går godt til

​Det kolde bord

Når Danmark vinder over Argentina i kvartfinalen

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