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Kong Hans øko48_75p

Kong Hans is a Kellerbier

Kong Hans is a kellerbier, directly translated as cellar beer – a type of German lager beer originating in Franconia, Bavaria and dates back to the latter half of the Middle Ages. Lacking any type of refrigeration technology, brewers would brew their beer during the cool months of the year and let the beers slowly mature in caves. These caves acted like natural cellars, allowing the beer to remain at a stable low temperature for the length of the slow maturation process. The beer was often served direct from the caves and cellars beneath breweries. Kellerbier and its related beer Zwinkebier, are today often still served direct from the barrel – for example in a beer garden – or in bottles. Kellerbier is unfiltered and unpasteurized, unlike most modern-day lager beers and contains more of the original brewing yeast, as well as vitamins, held in suspension. As a result, it is distinctly cloudy, described by German producers as “naturtrüb” – naturally cloudy. Kong Hans is organic and more hoppy than the typical German kellerbier as we are also inspired by Czech brewing traditions, so we use more hops in the brew. We have used appetizing amounts of aroma hops, which give a scent of flowers and fruit. Kong Hans is full bodied, well rounded and festive – perfect to be enjoyed with a lunch or dinner. Try it yourself !

Beer type



Vol: 5,0%

Ibu: 30

Ebc: 10




Fresh hops 


Best with

​Lunch table


Thirst !​

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