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Hornbeer Weissbier is our local version of the famous southern German weissbier, or wheatbeer.

Is our local version of the famous South German weissbier. At one time or another you should take a trip through southern Germany, with its most beautiful nature, mountains and forests. The towns are rich with beautiful architecture and yes, there is also the beer culture. It was down here that they became experts in brewing beer, among them wheat beer or weissbier as they call it. A warm summers day, lazing in the sunshine, relaxing in the garden or visiting a favourite beach are all great times to have a cold wheat beer. Enjoy a cold Hornbeer Weissbier, poured into a large glass and with a high frothy foamy head. It is a perfect beer for light summer dishes, by the barbeque or simply when you are thirsty.

Beer type



Vol: 4,8%

Ibu: 11,9

Ebc: 6,67


Orange peel




​Best with

​Thirst Closes

White non fatty fish



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