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Black Magic Woman

Black Magic Woman is a Stout

Black Magic Woman is our interpretation of a unique stout with peat-smoked malt. This is a real “man’s beer”, with a lot of everything. It is brewed with roasted barley malts, birch-smoked malt, peat-smoked malt, caramel malts and ale malt. It is well-hopped in order to balance the hearty malt profile. Black Magic Woman is an excellent accompaniment to desserts, dark chocolate, strong cheeses. It is also allowed to drink it on its own, while relaxing in a good armchair watching a football match.

Beer type



Vol: 10%

Ibu: 112,97

Ebc: 74,2






Best imperial porter

Gøteborg porterfestival,

2, beer of the year 2009


​Best with

Smoked fish


Strong cheese

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