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Brexit is a New England IPA

A beer brewed in honour of the British people, for the “wise” choice and “solidarity” shown in their decision to leave the European Union. We have brewed a New England IPA, as a symbol of a new and ”United” Kingdom. We could of course all leave the EU and the community, then we could all be as happy and “United” as the British people. The beer is brewed with more bitterness than a traditional New England IPA because we are sure that Theresa May feels that way about the British people's choice to leave the EU. You could say she is acting like the British people's puppet doll by doing her job delivering what they voted for, without believing it is the right decision herself?

But whether you are for or against the EU, we say cheers with Brexit and good luck to the British people.

Beer type

New England IPA​


Vol: 5,9%

Ibu: 32

​Ebc: 10,5


​Hops & Citrus 


​Best with

​Spicy food






Pickled Herring

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