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​Brewed in “honor“ of the financial sector, who with rarely seen high morale maintains an important function in the society. This sector lives up to the old saying “What you don’t know won’t hurt you“ When decent people entrust their savings to the bank, it will be „managed“ with „due diligence“, so the bankearns its low risk money.

​Og de syntes de så heller ikke var sjovt – i banken

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But however it is not so certain that there is anything left to the customer. When the banks get a little too “risky” and crack, they will be rescued by the taxpayers and the very talented bank Directors will receive „golden handshakes“ for their serious effort! Reality is a lot of people are left with great losses. But it is not only the big bank cracks where decent people are being cheated. When the bank „advise“ you, you can be sure that it is based on how the bank will make the most profit, not you. The bank simply has a different agenda than the official.

With Hornbeer Grisk we would like to put focus on morale, as opposed to greed, if this beer can help make people more aware and set demands to their banks about fairness and integrity then we have reached our goal. But the beer on the other hand, there is nothing wrong with. It keeps what it promises, A hoppy type „westcoast american IPA“ 6.4 alc% right between the bank deposit rate of 0.0% and the lending rate of 11% – called „net interest margin“ 1 danish kr. per bottle Grisk is donated to the fight against cancer. A small bank „SparNord“ tried to get „Grisk“ forbidden
in the court. But it failed!

Beer type



Vol: 6,4%

Ibu: 55,42

Ebc: 24,3




Fresh hops



Silver, meiningers craft beer award 2015

Bronze, australian beer awards 2013​

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