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Hornbeer Christmas

We would like to apologize in advance for this beer, as it tastes so good that Santa’s reindeer have now stopped working.

They would rather drink Hornbeer Christmas than pull Santa’s sleigh, so it does not seem that Christmas presents will be delivered this year. We are also certain that we at Hornbeer are not on Santa’s favorite list, as we are sure he is a little bit upset with us after we have brewed this beer.

The beer is a delicious Belgian Dubbel, a very sweet beer brewed with orange peel to give it a little added bitterness. It has hints of candy, caramel, dates, raisins and orange and is perfect for the traditional Christmas Dinner.

We here at Hornbeer wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

Beer type

​Belgian Dubbel


Vol: 8,9% 

Ibu: 31,4

​Ebc: 36,2



Rock candy

Caramel & oranges 


​Best with

​Christmas food

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