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Juleøl brygget til ære for den finansielle sektor der slår nye rekorder !

Igen i år har den finansielle sektor, med bankerne klart i spidsen, vist nye veje i en krisetid. Hvordan man kan køre banker i sænk, og direktionen alligevel hæver millionstore ”gyldne håndtryk”.

A Christmas beer brewed in honour of the financial sector and is perfect with Christmas Turkey, Duck and Pork.

Again, this year the financial sector, with banks at the forefront, has shown new ways ahead! How to run banks down and still payoff executives with huge “Golden handshakes”! How to receive “bank packages” and keep the proceeds without investing and stimulating businesses as intended. How to ignore recommendations from the Banking Institutional Board and continue to call themselves serious financial organisations. How to help the rich “hide” vast fortunes in Panama’s tax haven. How a director can sit on the board of a financial council and at the same time continue to rip off ordinary people in their own bank. How to offer 0% interest for deposits and take 13-14% interest for lending. How to call yourself a counsellor and then just line your own pockets.

How to ... no, no, no ... we can’t go on with the next 100 examples, it’s Christmas soon and everyone should be happy.

Here at Hornbeer we still celebrate the fact that our original beer “Grisk” (“Avaricious/Greedy”) was not banned. The “Grisk” text describes our view on how things really are in banks – we think we must have hit a sensitive spot when the Danish Bank Spar Nord tried to stop it.

Julegris(k)2 is part of the Hornbeer bank package. A slight play with words with the name, as Julegris means Christmas Pig and Julegrisk, Christmas Greed. It is a Belgian Strong Ale that is tenderly seasoned for Christmas.

The alcohol content is 9%, a bit lower than the lending rate and 9% above the deposit rate!

As we are nearing the end of another year, would it not be nice on New Year’s Eve for the bank’s management to make the following New Year’s Resolution?

“In the future, we will behave decently. We will operate our banks seriously and deal almost exclusively with deposits and lending, focusing on what can benefit our customers within the framework of law and morality. We will no longer award each other soaring salaries, share options and Golden Handshakes. We will no longer exploit the politicians who look through their fingers at our shenanigans “.

Cheers, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Hornbeer.

Beer type

​Belgian Strong Ale


Vol: 9%

Ibu: 36

Ebc: 41






Best with

Christmas food, both warm and cold 

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