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​The story of India pale ale (IPA) is one of the most romantic in the historyof beer. At the height of its empire, Britain had emigrants, sailors and troops all around the world—with India being one of its most important outposts.

A hoppy Christmas beer If at some point you think you have had enough of the sweet Christmas beers, Christmas treats and the other things we consume at Christmas time, then you should try a Hornbeer Julehumle. It is not a fiercely hopped beer, but a mild IPA that is nicely dry hopped. That’s why it is a very refreshing beer and makes a nice change to the more traditional Christmas beers. Hops give a good counteraction to the heavy Christmas food, so try a glass with your Christmas Dinner. Whether you have been rockin’ around the Christmas tree or singing Christmas songs, you can also enjoy a cold Julehumle. Happy Christmas!

Beer type



Vol: 6%

Ibu: 50,20

Ebc: 24


Aroma hops




Best foreign beers' in Norway, 2012.

# 1. 'BT's Christmas beer tasting in 2011'.


​Best with

​Lighter christmas food

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