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Raven is a Belgian Dubbel

This beer is brewed in Lejre, land of the Vikings, in honour of Odin, other gods and good people. At the brewery you often see and hear two ravens flying around. We are sure that they are Hugin and Munin, Odin's ravens who are out to find news for him, and what place is better to look at than Hornbeer.

Raven is an amber coloured and sweet beer, not as sweet as the gods' former favourite drink Mjöd, but just as high in alcohol percent and that is what the gods like.

In Valhalla we are sure that Mjöd has now been replaced by Raven, and therefore, we reserve the right to call ourselves "Supplier for the Nordic gods".

Beer type

Belgian Dubbel​


Vol: 8,7%

Ibu: 31,4

​Ebc: 36,3





Rock candy 


​Best with


A good steak



Stews and Casseroles 

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