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Tropical Sweat​

Tropical Sweat is a New England IPA

Just like the rest of the world, here at Hornbeer we are also very aware about the climate. Therefore, we have taken precautions to do what we can to minimize any effect we have on the environment. This means that amongst other things, we focus on resources and sustainability. When brewing beer, energy is used for heating up and boiling the beer. Later in the process energy is used to cool the beer. We have chosen to do thing a little differently than usual and we use the natural coldness of the ground for cooing. Beneath are fields we have laid almost one kilometer of piping, which is filled with water, cooled and then drawn into the brewery for cooling. There are solar cells mounted on the roof of the brewery, which produce a large amount of the energy we use in the process. When we boil the beer, we use wood as fuel. Wood is CO2 neutral. All this together has meant that some have referred to us as the most sustainable and resource economic brewery. So here at Hornbeer we urge you to drink beer with a good conscience. Tropical Sweat is a New England IPA, brewed

and dry hopped with Citra, Mosaic and Cascade hops and we

have also added some organic pineapple juice. It has nice

hints of tropical fruit and citrus.

Beer type

New England IPA​


Vol: 5,5%

Ibu: 17,9

​Ebc: 9,2


​Tropical fruits and citrus​

​Best with

​Spicy food



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